Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Achieving your Personal and Professional Goals

In the world of Success, there are two schools of thought:
In this corner is the Work Smarters. They are constantly on the look out for tips and tricks to shave a few minutes off every task and gain a few extra minutes of productivity. They are devotees of Getting Things Done, ardent LifeHackers and Crackberry addicts. If only they can achieve a Covey-esque mastery of their day planner, there is no limit to what they could do.

On the other side we have the Law of Attractors. They’ve memorized The Secret and visualize an abundant future. They quote Rev Michael Beckwith, read James Arthur Ray and await Rhonda Byrne’s next masterwork. If only they could cast aside doubt, and achieve a laser focus on what they truly desire, there is no limit to what they could do.

They’re both right. And they are both wrong.
There is no one magic bullet for success. You need to be productive and be positive. You need to make connections and celebrate the interconnectedness of us all. You need to work smarter and visualize your ideal outcome.
Success is like good soup. There isn’t any one item that gets added to the pot and whoala! It’s soup. Only when the flavors of all of the ingredient blend together above a passionate flame does something magic happen.
You can’t spell “attraction” without “action”.

When we put all of the ingredients together, there is not a limit to what we can do.

Charlie Wollborg is the founding partner of Curve Detroit Advertising, Marketing & Design. He helps growing brands stand out from the clutter. Learn more about his firm at curvedetroit.com or watch his video blog at charliecurve.com

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