Monday, October 12, 2009

Linkedin to Profitability in Seven Steps

The law of Visibility+Credibility=Profitability (V+C=P) was first introduced by Dr. Ivan Misner from BNI and has proven to be true for offline networkers. You become visible by doing things like submitting articles to trade magazines, speaking at Rotary Chapters and participating in Bloomfield Birmingham Chamber of Commerce(BBCC) mixers on a regular basis. When people talk with you, research your work and realize you are a person of integrity, your credibility grows. That makes you referable which leads to profitability.

Metro Detroit leads the country in new Linkedin users, which begs the question how do you create the visibility and credibility on Linkedin needed to become profitable? Here are seven steps you can implement immediately to put the law of V+C=P to work for you.

1. Complete your profile! Think resume with a professional photo.
2. Give recommendations! Short, succinct and relevant.
3. Ask for recommendations! It’s okay, really!
4. Answer questions! Show off your expertise.
5. Participate in groups! The group for the BBCC is a great place to start.
6. Utilize applications! Import your blog or start a poll.
7. Status updates! Give us nuggets of goodness about your business.

The path to profitability online is the same as it is offline, even if the methods are different. Make the commitment to implement at least one of these methods everyday and watch your visibility and credibility soar!

David Lingholm is the leadoff hitter for Basso Design Group, purveyors of creative interactive media and marketing solutions. Learn more about us at

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