Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Work as a Business Manager is Sacred

On your business may rest the dreams and hopes of our city and our society.

In his book, Servant Leadership, Robert Greenleaf advises the person who wants to do the most good in society to pursue a career in business. Greenleaf seems to believe that the business community will make a deeper and wider impression on our society than even the church, government, or nonprofits.

This has less to do with the dominance of marketing as a pervasive influence on our popular culture and much more to do with how the culture of business and the outcomes of its activities shape our society.

Every member of our society interacts with business hundreds or even thousands of times every day. The majority of social interactions are likely to take place in the course of business. All of us are customers and employees. The culture of business has profound influence on our lives and our relationships. Therefore, a business culture that is aspirant and ethical in every way is imperative to our society. Business managers have a duty, not only to their customers and employees, but to society to engender excellence.

President Calvin Coolidge’s most famous quote is, “The business of America is business.” Business is the bedrock of our American society and values. Economic prosperity has done more to advance the standard of living and the strength of our values than anything else. Our society needs the prosperity of businesses that are ethical and excellent. Society needs you to provide products and services and, most of all, jobs.

Your work as a business manager is sacred as it affects thousands. You are our best hope. Carry out your daily business with the joy and solemnity that befits its importance.

Brad Irwin
Director of Partnerships
Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County

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