Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Ambassador of the Year!

Give a warm round of applause to our 2014 Ambassador of the Year- Pam Sarkisian! Ms. Sarkisian heads Sales and Business Development at Evolution IT Services. We took some time to interview Ms. Sarkisian- read below to see how it went!

1. Interviewer (I): When did your business open?
    Sarkisian (S): 1998

2. I: Tell us about your business, including the type of products or services you offer? S:  We are a Leader in IT Consulting, Cloud Services and Tech Solutions for businesses with 10 to 75 computer users. We use our understanding of technology to help our clients deliver greater value to their customers. The products and Services we offer include (but are not limited to): Tech Support and IT Management, Remote Access and Mobility, Cloud Services, Virus/Malware Protection, Consulting and Advise, Back-up and Contingency Planning, Hardware (Computers, Servers, etc.), Email Solutions.

3. I: What makes your business unique?
   SWe use our understanding of technology to help our clients deliver greater value to their customers. We are trustworthy tech partners that are understandable.

4. I: How has the business changed since you opened?
    STechnology is always changing and we have had to change and evolve with technology;              allowing our customers to maximize their growth and use us as a resource.  

5. I: Would you care to share a memorable story about a Chamber event or experience? SBeing an Ambassador for the Chamber has allowed me to meet many new members and help them with introductions and see the many benefits the Chamber has to offer, helping them make Take Action with the Chamber.  It is rewarding to be of service.

Congratulations Ms. Sarkisian and thank you for being such an integral and involved Chamber member!

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