Monday, December 8, 2014

The Miracle Drug

     The beginning of my education about health happened in my early 20’s in a health club talking to a trainer about the best way to keep weight off.  The trainer said, “The miracle drug, water.”  She said, if you drink half of your weight in ounces of water and eat a healthy diet, the weight will just fall off. Then when I was studying to become a yoga teacher one of the authors I read talked about drinking a quart of water in the morning when you first get up,  I tried that and it changed my life.  I had more energy, better bowel movements and felt much more balanced and relaxed over time.

     Water is truly a miracle drug.  I am not suggesting you start my regime but I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking filtered water.

     Did you know that your brain requires half of all the water you drink to function properly? When you experience that drowsy feeling after lunch, that means your body is dehydrated and needs water.  When you are thirsty your body is already dehydrated. 

     Over half of our body is water. Our muscles are 75% water.  Our fat is 50% water and our bones are 52% water.  There are too many benefits of drinking water to mention here, but in my opinion, the very best one is curbing stress.  When you are dehydrated your cortisol level goes up.   The stress hormone increases.   The stress hormone causes a loss of additional fluid because it pushes up the heart rate and causes us to breathe heavier.  We also tend not to drink or eat well.

So here’s to you drink up!

Lois A Jennings, HC, E-RYT200

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